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I led a 3 day long DIY doc filmmaking workshop at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. Through participatory, hands-on exercises, students learned how to conduct interviews, shoot b-roll, and use creative constraints to their advantage. Working in small groups, they created unusual, humorous short doc experiments. The goal of the workshop was to spark participants' interest in DIY documentary filmmaking and encourage creative collaboration. 


Module 1 Visual Elements

intro to 6 documentary modes 

camera framing, camera angles, creative visual elements

creative constraint b-roll exercise

review b-roll footage


Module 2 Production

interviewing 101

recording audio

how to film on a smartphone

3-point lighting exercise 

review interview footage

Module 3 Editing

editing 101

review work-in-progress doc experiments


I led a 2 day long analog photography workshop at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. The goal of the workshop was for students to create more dynamic photos, improve their portrait photography, explore natural light, and practice giving feedback.

Polaroid Portrait Game pt 1

• Form a circle with the group

• Show functions on camera and how to load film

• The first person will take a portrait of the person across from them in the circle. Find out their name and what experience they have with photography.

• Pick your frame & take a portrait

• Pass the camera to the person next to you

• Explain how to use the camera without touching it

• Repeat until everyone has had a chance to take a portrait

• Review photos

Polaroid Portrait Game pt 2

Form groups of 4 people. Everyone will take 2-3 portraits of someone in the group.

Get to know your subject - ask them questions to help inform the portrait you will take

Try and reveal something about them – an object, a place, an expression, a feeling

Practice directing your subject

• Review photos


Disposable Camera Exercise 

• Students have 48 hours to finish a roll of film on a disposable camera and complete the checklist below

• Students review each other's photos and try to guess which photo correlates to the checklist

Screenshot 2023-05-05 at 10.40.29 AM.png

Disposable photo results by: Benny, Dalila, Ema, Ines, Lara, Marina, & Vieite

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