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VICE: Did Gen Z Affect the 2020 election?

Short Documentary


"The 2020 elections was one of the highest turnout rates for young voters ever seen. 10% more 18 to 29-year-olds voted compared to 2016 and are described as making the difference in key battleground states. We follow three young voters on Election Day to see how the top issues of today — the economy, immigration, health care and racial injustice -- affect their vote."

I was a one-person crew for the section of this video that took place in Portland, OR. On Election Day in 2020, I followed Clarice, a young woman living with Cystic fibrosis.


Producer & Director Maria Chiu

Portland Unit: Cinematography & Sound Recording by Sarah Wells

"I want to say what an amazing job you did filming Clarice. Those shots are beautiful and every one could be a still image. It must have been an intense two days so I want to just say thank you for your hard work and for sharing your talent on this piece!" -Maria Chiu, producer 

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